Our parent organization

Indiana State Parks Centennial Celebration
    Our state parks system turned 100 in 2016

Indiana Landmarks
   Saves historic properties, offers tours and workshops
   Photos, histories and maps of all 90 standing covered bridges in the state
   Information about 600 former bridge sites
   History of the first transcontinental highway, begun 100 years ago
   Includes map of both routes across Indiana

Indiana National Road Association

    Preserves, protects and promotes Indiana's section of the Historic National Road

Other Resources

The Questers who attended Spring Convention on April 12, 2014 enjoyed a wonderful presentation about the book, Clara and Mr. Tiffany. Karen Weeber did a great deal of research for the program, and pointed out some of the beautiful books she had discovered. If you would like to learn more about Clara Driscoll and/or Louis Comfort Tiffany, click here for Karen's bibliography.